Paint Correction

If scratches, swirl marks, water spots, and other imperfections are making your car look dull and tired, stop by Max‘s Auto Spa and take advantage of our premium automotive paint correction services. Paint correction is a convenient, low-cost treatment that can bring back your car‘s luster.

The process of correcting a car‘s paint is long and calls for a professional‘s touch. But once the work is done, your car will look like it’s fresh out of the factory. Max‘s Auto Spa‘s auto paint correction package:

  • Clears your car of contaminants with a snow foam pre-wash
  • Hand washes your car with Grit guard
  • Applies a high-pressure rinse
  • Dries your car with a microfiber weave towel to prevent swirl marks
  • Removes bonded iron with an iron removing agent
  • Applies a clay bar treatment
  • Measures paint thickness
  • Inspects and performs a test spot
  • Wet sands the car if necessary
  • Machine polishes the vehicle
  • Protects the polished paintwork with wax, sealant, premium wax, or a paint protection coating

Our car paint correction process is thorough and ensures top-quality results every time. We have years of experience correcting paintwork, and we pay attention to details other detailers don‘t, leaving no spot of your car‘s paintwork untouched.

Depending on the condition of your paintwork, paint correction can take one day or several. We‘ll assess your car prior to correction and provide you with a more accurate price and time frame. But no matter how long the wait is, we promise it‘ll be worth the reward. Paint correction enhances the beauty of your vehicle and protects it so that you don‘t have to worry about your paint wearing thin any time soon.

If your car is in need of expert paint correction detailing, stop by our location in Portland, OR, or give us a call to learn more about our services.

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