Engine Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

  • Wash Engine Bay Area
  • Remove Dust, Dirt, Debris
  • Clean Hoses, Plastic Covers, Wires, Etc.
  • Condition Plastic & Trim

Here at Maxs Auto Spa we offer engine detailing. Having your engine detailed not only improves the appearance of the engine bay but can increase your resale value as well. This is a very popular service for those looking to sell their vehicle for top dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can wash your car engine, yet do as such securely. Since, in such a case that you commit even a solitary error, you could experience an assortment of issues. For instance, wires, sensors, and other delicate motor segments can be exposed to water on the off chance that you decide to wash your engine all alone. In this example, the segments could begin to break down because of water harm, prompting expensive motor part substitutions or fixes. 

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