Engine Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

This is our upper engine bay cleaning using mild citrus-based degreaser and 180-degree water/steam to break down surface oil and general grime in your engine bay. Please contact us with any questions. Proper attention will be given to open engine components like distributors and air filters to ensure safe cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can wash your car engine, yet do as such securely. Since, in such a case that you commit even a solitary error, you could experience an assortment of issues. For instance, wires, sensors, and other delicate motor segments can be exposed to water on the off chance that you decide to wash your engine all alone. In this example, the segments could begin to break down because of water harm, prompting expensive motor part substitutions or fixes. 

The essential advantage of engine cleaning is upgrading your engine’s restorative allure. Thus, cleaning your engine will not really bring about execution enhancements, however it could assist you with lessening the danger of costly, time-concentrated motor fixes. At times, a minor motor oil hole can be recognized and separated when you clean your car’s engine. You can likewise utilize motor narrows cleaning to assess the state of different elastic hoses and plastic parts and eliminate flotsam and jetsam from them depending on the situation.

If you want to keep your engine performing at its optimum level, we recommend you having this service done every 12 months depending on your vehicle and your driving style.

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