Scratch Removal

Scratch Removal

Whether you have light surface scratches, a finger-nail deep key scratch, orange peel, or any imperfection that can’t simply be buffed out, we offer our multi-step wet sanding service. Professionally trained in this avenue of attention to detail, rest assured the uttermost care will be taken with all clear coat types. From an annoying scratch, to dust or other imperfections in a repainted vehicle, we can take them out at the level of flatness and perfection you’re willing to take your investment. Feel free to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous new scratch marks can be eliminated by just scouring the imprint with a somewhat wet and soft fabric. It’s in every case best to check it out to try not to harm paint. In the wake of dunking the material in water, apply a touch of pressing factor and, if the imprint is eliminated, buff the region with a dry white fabric.

The much deeper your scratch, the additional time and materials it takes to fix it. At the point when you’re searching for an expert fix here are the costs per scratch area $100- TBD

Little scratches can as a rule be wiped out with cleaning compound. The general guideline is that if your fingernail doesn’t get on the scratch, it’s simply a shallow clear coat scratch that can be streamlined and made imperceptible.

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